What Is Lyrix of Africa?
Lyrix Of Africa is Africa’s #1 Lyrics and Translation Website. With Lyrix of Africa, you no longer need to guess what your favorite African artiste is singing/talking/rapping about; we now make it so that you know exactly what every single lyric said/sung/rapped means in clear and concise English Language.


What is this I hear about winning cash prizes and rewards on Lyrix of Africa?

Yes, you can win cash prizes and other exciting gifts by contributing to Lyrix Of Africa. Submitting lyrics and translations gives you points that can be redeemed to purchase cash prizes, rewards, gift cards, coupons and a midst other fantastic prizes in our Lyrix Of Africa store. You don’t feel like writing lyrics or translating them, it’s fine…earn points by commenting on posts you find interesting here on LyrixOfAfrica.com. You can earn up to 100 points by submitting and translating lyrics, and you automatically earn 1 point for every comment you make on the site.


Points and Distributions.

Submitting a lyric on LyrixOfAfrica gets you 100 points by default as long as your lyric is published. Sometimes, users may post lyrics that are already on the site. In such instances, this submitted lyric would not be published and no points would be assigned to the user. Therefore, make sure to search the site first to see if a lyric you want to publish is already on the site.

In some other cases, 2 or more users may be posting lyrics to the same song. When all these lyrics are submitted for review, we pick the lyric that gets posted based on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. The only time we would pick another lyric that is not the first published one is if the first lyric that was posted is simply not usable due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, make sure to keep your lyrics translated to the best of your ability and make sure you post lyrics in timely fashion.

Bonus points and Deduction of Points:

The default points for lyrics is 100 points, however points are sometimes added based on the song submitted and how good the translation into simple English is. To keep up with songs that have bonus points attached to them, you should follow our social media pages which you can find at the top of this page. We would constantly be updating social media with songs that have additional points so you do not want to miss out on that.

Also, posting lyrics to a brand new song (aka. Posting lyrics and translation of songs on the same day of release) gets you a very high chance of getting bonus points.

When will points be deducted: Points are deducted if you post lyrics with incomplete translations. (Remember: Pidgin English has to be translated to Regular English as well). You would still get points for your lyrics but said points would be less than a 100 points.

Points are deducted if you post lyrics by obscure artistes such as your friend’s brother, Emenike who is just trying his hand out on music or your local church choir girl who just recorded her first demo. For songs like this, you would still get points for your lyrics but they would be less than a 100 points.

To get a full 100 points for your submitted lyric, you must have submitted lyrics to a relevant/popular song by a relevant/popular artiste, and translated every line that is not in clear and simple regular English.


Can I submit older songs by relevant artistes? Do I get full points?

Of course! And yes, you would get the full 100 points as long as your lyrics are correct and the translation is clear. What that means is that you can submit lyrics to 2 Face’s African Queen or Onyeka Onwenu’s Ekwe and get the full 100 points that lyrics offer.


I just commented and got no points for my comment, why?

Points from comments have limits: Only 15 comments each day result in points. What this means is that you can get a maximum of 15 points only everyday through comments alone. Can you make unlimited comments every day? Of course! Feel free to comment on whatever you find interesting or relevant. However, know that if you want points for your comments, you can only get 15 every day and a maximum of 2 points from commenting on the same post in a single day. Example: I make 2 comments on Seyi Shay’s “Pack and Go” lyric page and I get 2 points. If I make a 3rd comment on that exact page on that same day, I would get no points. However, on that same day, if I were to go out and comment on Falz’ “Marry Me” lyric page, I would get another point as long as I have not met my 15 comments deadline for the day. After 15 comments every day, you no longer get points…but your comments would still be published as usual.


I’m trying to submit my lyric but it flags an “Error: Log-In Required” Message. What do I do?

Check that you are actually logged into your account. If you don’t have an account, register a new one. It’s free, quick and easy. If you are actually logged in and you’re still getting this error: log out, close the webpage and then reopen the LyrixOfAfrica webpage. Log in, click on “Submit Lyrics”, and try again. If this still doesn’t work, close the page, take some time, and then try again.


I want the lyrics to a song but I cannot find them on here. How do I request it?

Shoot us a tweet/Facebook Wall post. Our social media links are at the top of the page. State the lyrics you want and we would retweet the post to our followers and hope somebody grabs the opportunity to post the lyric.


I have no idea what to translate. Is there a way to know what songs can give me good points or what songs I can do?

Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook…we constantly post relevant songs that we need the lyrics and translations to every day.


What other way can I get points?

You can get points by submitting lyrics: 100 points by default. You can get points by commenting (1 point per comment), you can get bonus points on specific songs that you can find on our social media pages or by translating and posting lyrics to brand new songs. You can also get points by correcting people’s lyrics in the comments’ section. If you see a lyric that is wrong, comment with the correct lyric and you could get a bonus point for it. Oh, and you also get points for simply signing up, yayyyy!


How do I use my points? What are they for?

Points are used in our LyrixOfAfrica store to get you cash prizes, gift cards, coupon codes and a lot of other cool prizes. Check out our shop here . Note: Redeeming LyrixOfAfrica points is the only way to purchase the items listed in the store, no other form of currency is allowed. Prices are shown in terms of how many points you must redeem to get each item.


I want to contact you for partnerships/advertising. What do I do?

We are always very happy to receive partnerships and advertising. All you need to do to discuss all of this is contact us here.


I have another question which I can’t find the help to in this FAQ, what do I do?

Tweet the question at us or send us a Facebook post with your question and we would try to address it as soon as possible. All our social media can be found above.


All the best and happy reading!!!

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