If you ask me; na who I go ask?
:- If you ask me, who’ll I ask?
The matter wey we see so, e tay wey e start
:- This matter has been going on for long
No be me go talk am, e heavy for mouth
:-I can’t talk about it, it’s difficult to talk about
If you ask me…The matter for ground…
Eh! Na who I go ask?
:- Who’ll I ask?

Omawumi- If You Ask Me Lyrics + Translation]

Verse 1
The reason for the reason for the reason why I’m soliloquizing yeah
The things wey I dey see, wey I dey hear, e pass me
:- What I see and hear is something terrifying
I’ve got to tell the story and I’ve got to tell it from the starting
About a man, a woman, and their girl pikin
:- About a man, a woman, and their child
Wait till the second verse before my story begins

Omawumi- If You Ask Me Lyrics + Translation]

(Repeat chorus)
Verse 2
The woman travel leave her daughter with the husband
Home a-lonely (home a-lonely)
E no tay I begin see the man, his daughter ad them dey play
:- Before long, I saw the man and daughter playing
Strong play (they play strong play)
A month later the daughter say her period delay
:- A month later, the daughter noticed a delay in her period
I ask her who touched her she say her daddy only
I don’t know what to say I don;t know what to tell her mother
E be like say she get belle
:- It looks like she’s pregnant

Omawumi- If You Ask Me Lyrics + Translation]


(Repeat chorus)
Verse 3
The story wey I talk e be like say I dey play
:- This story I’m telling sounds funny
But all this type of things they happen everyday
:- But all these type of things happen everyday
Speak out or take some action
abeg you no delay
:- Please, don’t delay
No let matters worse pass as e dey….as e dey
:- Don’t make matters get worse than what it is
(Repeat chorus)

Omawumi- If You Ask Me Lyrics + Translation]

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