Chineke nne m ego kwa now gbenyezege

:God has made a poor man king

Every day by day i just dey celebrate oh
Everything i do e just dey penetrate oh
I just want to say o, thank you Jehovah oh
See I’m living large, I get Angels o for my gate oh
Never forget where I come from, na from ghetto
Oh no no no no no no no no no no (ah)
I just want to say o thank you Jehovah oh (eh)
Bu re kene riwo otuto Fada Fada eeeh (Fada Fada eeeh)

:I’ll keep on seriously praising you father father eh
A di kwam Loyal o Fada Fada eeeh (Fada Fada eeeh)

:I am very loyal father father eh


[Verse 1 –  Phyno]
I ma puti ru ogu nwanne belu ebelu

:If you come to a war front, take it easy
Anyi kolu gi ife anyi fulu nwanne you must kwere

:If we tell you what we saw, brother you must agree
See I come from East, enter street, brother you know
Ezi m ife I turn to beast, you already know

:I had nothing, I turned to a beast, my people you already know
I ma na onye ahu nyelu m ndu nga efe ya efe (Eze bi ge bi)

:The person who gave me life, I will worship him (Everlasting King!)
Onye ahu nyelu m ego nga eto ya oh (Eze bi ge bi)

:The person who gave me money, I will praise (Everlasting King)
I ma na ndi akpo kpalu m bu nga ese ha ese (Ndi okpolo)

:The people who kicked me, I will be careful with them (Evil people)
Asa ahu kpalu m bu nti ga ako ha o (Asa okpolo)

:The fine girl that kicked me, I will leave her (Pretty evil girl)


I came, I saw, and conquered
All of them, Mr Wonder  (at all)
Some wish ka mu ba nye under {at all}

:Some wish I will be under
I fire them with thunder
Nwa na akuzi kwanu nujuu (oh no no noo no)

:The boy is enjoying to the fullest
Ma na Chi euh

:Me and God follow
I cover myself ooh

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 2: Olamide]
I buy motor I dey travel go obodo oyinbo
Na Private Jet remain for me Baba you know
Okwudili biko bia na eba take me photo

:Okwudili, please come and take me photo
E no easy to dey chill with Governor Ambode
Na Father figure the Governor e be to me oh
Since i lost my dad na him e don adopt me oh
I say gone are the days wey owo dey hungry me

:I say, gone are the days that I longed for money
Right about now all the chicks dey sit down with me
I thank Jehova Agu n’eche mba akanchawa oh (akanchawa)

:I thank Jehova the tiger that protects a city (Open doors)
Na Pounds and dollars me and my guys dey take shower oh
Oya Walele where you dey oh (walele eeh)
Ebine Okpako where u dey oh (walele eeh)

[Repeat Chorus]

Sir Emeka Offor I bu onye nna{Fada Fada eeh}

:Sir Emeka Offor, you’re a father
Otunba Kiala n’ibu onye nna{Fada Fada eeh)}

:Otunba Kiala, you’re a father
Ogbuefi Chukwu n’eke Okezie Ikpeazu Gburu gburu
Ifeanyi Uba (Fada Fada eeh)
Willi Obiano na Olu gi (Fada Fada eeh)
:Willi Obiano, greetings. 

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