Baby anywhere you dey
:- Baby, anywhere you are
Anything, where eh

Baby I go light up for you
:- baby I’ll light up for you
I go burn up for you
:- I’I’ll burn up for you
Your love no dey sweet eye
:- Your love is not pleasing to the ete
Without chicken
E be like caterer
:- it’s like a caterer
Wey no get kitchen
:- Without Kitchen
What is life
Without family? (without family)
E be like Dj Jimmy Jatt
:- it’s like Dj Jimmy Jatt
Without company

[Solidstar- Nwa Baby(Ft 2Face Idibia) Lyrics+Translation]


I can’t imagine my life without you
(Nwa Baby)
:- My baby
Infact me no go leave you for no body
In fact, I won’t leave you for nobody
(Nwa Baby)
:- My baby
And if you put eye for my omalicha
:-And if you have bad thoughts for my beautiful one/lady
Thunder go fire you (Nwa Baby)
:- Thunder will fire you (Baby)
Walahi I will never leave you for no one oh
:- I swear, I’ll never leave you for no one,oh

Celebrity Twins

If anybody wan try to cala cala you
:- If anybody tries to disturb you
Baby just call me
Oh I’ll be there for you oh
Baby I’ll be there for you
Halla me oh no matter where you dey
:- Call me no matter where you are
Even if you dey for Earth quake oh
:- Even if there’s earthquake
I go come for you
:- I’ll come for you
Baby I’ll be there for you

[Solidstar- Nwa Baby(Ft 2Face Idibia) Lyrics+Translation]

See this kind love oh
Wey I enter so na fire fire
:- That set me on fire
Baby girl I no go ever tire tire
:- Baby girl, I’ll never be tired of you
And we go continue we no go ever expire eh eh
:- And we’ll continue, we’ll never expire
Cause you dey do me Wana Wana mini mini
:- Because you are making me feel a lot of emotions
I must confess say our matter
Gbo na felli felli
:- Is hot like fire
I swear to God
I no care for Other chookwu nana eh eh
:- I don’t care for other girls
Because if I loose you baby
I go burn everything
:- I’ll burn everything
Madness no go fit to describe am oh
:- the madness I’ll display will be indescribable

[Solidstar- Nwa Baby(Ft 2Face Idibia) Lyrics+Translation]


[Solidstar and 2face]
Kini won so?
:- What are they saying?
Me I dey chilling
:- I’m relaxing
Kini won so? X2
:- What are they saying? X2
Me I just dey try to go
:-I’m being gentle
Aiye o pke meji oh
:- Life has no duplicate
My baby get all of the qualities
My baby fine and my baby girl na cool girl oh
:- My babe is fine and cool
Baby get all of the abilities
Baby fine and baby girl dey cook well oh
:- Baby is fine, and she cooks well

Hook till fades….

[Solidstar- Nwa Baby(Ft 2Face Idibia) Lyrics+Translation]

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