YCEE I Wish Lyrics

Tinny Entertainment Baby
Don Know
Ain’t nobody badder than
Ain’t nobody badder than

Real quick
Like the joker going right off the bat
Wanna see me out, There’s a rider for that
Me and you up in a bout you couldn’t sign up for that
They gon need a scraper just to get your back off the mat
Cos you get pummeled
I move full throttle with trouble that’s coming for you if you try to slow my hustle
Down, brown paper bags

A flow like this I swear your fave never had
I know why they mad, chics digging me
They giving me – a big fat blunt like Santa stuck up in a chimney
Bow legged rapper when I ball you see the skill in me


See mans not hot but you could tell there’s zero chill in me
Want a crib that’ll look like a sorority
Cos I’d be getting women and I’d do it with authority
Shoutout to my women out in moremi – want more of me – but honestly
Nowadays a lotta y’all be boring me
Right now the hip hop games been ignoring me
Act like they don’t see what the boy be doing globally
Things I’m doing on a large scale will leave you mad pale
I’m like a sound sultan my flows got a black belt
So what’s the plan my bro
Cos I’m here to give em really what they asking for
Anyone that’s got some issues that I should know
Speak now so I could split yo ass in four
That’s a sign of the cross
And a sign of your loss

[ YCEE I Wish Lyrics ]

You should read the reports – TINNY! Round of applause
And a Word to the boss – he said it was time to buss
And so my brother hooked me up
And I definitely must – pause
Real talk you know I tell the truth
It’s mother mother mother woo!
Back to the rap for the real fanatics
I been all the way up like a big mans attic
They try to pull me down but a nigga cant die
Best African in hiphop and I’m guessing here’s why

My flow is so impeccable- despicable
You avoid the collab because you know that I’m threat to you
The rest of y’all feeling cool it’s only cos I’m letting you
And now you can kipchot and do the things you’re meant to do
Bruh I wish that one would try to step to a brother like this
You wanna see war I’ll bring it to your eye lids

[ YCEE I Wish Lyrics ]

Iris – I live for the fool that’ll say that I ain’t sick
It’s – high risk
Call it IRS
Mehn I’m running this shit and I’m running for your bitch


[ YCEE I Wish Lyrics ]

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  1. Loveth

    January 30, 2018 at 1:11 am

    i really love this line: Mehn I’m running this shit and I’m running for your bitch

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